Dowry System: Life threat of Brides

I don’t know how many of you here are married or unmarried, but i would like to ask a question to all of you. If you are male: How much you got from the bride’s side for making her a life partner? If female: How much your family paid to your husband to take you with him?

Dowry system is a system in which the bride’s side has to pay a huge amount and goods to the groom’s side to make the girl a so called “Goddess Lakshmi” of their house. In this article, I will talk about how this system is embedded in the roots of the Indian and neighboring country’s culture.  

The time was not so far when this practice was a boon for the bride. This was considered as a gift from the parents of the bride for making the couple’s life easier. As the time passed, the groom now thought that the gift which is given from the broom side is now mandatory  in now their right and slowly became mandatory. Now before the talk happens of the ceremonies, it is already declared that how much money, what goods, gold jewelries, bike or car etc will be given. The money which is given to the groom’s family is used for all the ceremonies of the marriage. That means there is very less expenditure form the grooms side. On the other hand, the bride’s father, who uses the money which he saved from the time she was born.

Now I am going to tell you the inner thing, how the price is decided. It is most depended on the color of the bride.  Darker is the color, higher the price is. The second most intervening factor is how much the groom earn or what job he does. And the place of groom who has a government job is on the top. His family can demand whatever he want, the minimum is 1 million (10 Lakhs).

The dowry system is a bane to the society as it leads to death of the brides in most of the cases when the bride’s family failed to pay the amount or goods they promised. The grooms family, specially the mother in law tortures her many mental and physical ways. It leads to domestic violence as now husband is also forced by his family to to this.

This is also one the reason of the high female infanticide rate. As it feels burden for the poor and middle class to educate her, and decide their marriage.

At last I want to say that we can’t blame society for everything, as we are a part of it, and we don’t want to change but we want to change the society.

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