Female Infanticide, a Social Evil

This is way 100% true that most of the crimes and discrimination happens against females around the globe. So here is one of them which don’t even let them see the light of the sun before they are born.


Pic: womemsweb.in

According to Wikipedia:

Female infanticide is the planned killing of newborn female infants.”

I don’t think that that statement needs an explanation. This is a practice which is on its rail since old age. At that time there was no modern day technologies that could tell if the infant is male or female, but as we know that old age was full of  mysteries and superstitious people. They believed in “Babas” of different religion. I don’t know how they got power of knowing what’s inside a women’s womb, but not most of the people followed them. And if the prediction became true then they planned to kill the child as soon as she is born.

It is one of the major cause of poor sex-ratios in the countries of China, Pakistan and of course India.

In China, when the christian missionaries in the late 16th century, they discovered that this practice was practiced as newborns were seen thrown into the river or dust hips. Some of the noble men concluded that the primary reason for the practice was poverty.

In India, it is not hidden that this practice is followed and the major cause of it was “Dowry System”. It has became become embedded in the Indian culture. We will take in more about Dowry in a separate post. The United Nations has declared that India is the most deadly country for female children. According to them in 2012, females aged between 1-5 were 75% more likely to die as of boys. Although the state had taken steps to control it but still with modern technologies, during the growing period of child in the womb, they identify it as male or female and go for “abortion“. The western India can’t get rid of it. I don’t know how their mind think of this.

Even Pakistan has same issue related do this practice.

When there will be less females, it will disturb the natural sex-ratio, causing less women to bear child. How do they forget that the female they are killing is the one who beard them for 9 months and only due to her they exist. Govt. pays a heavy amount to families who have girl child, female scholarships, reservations etc. Society needs to changed

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